Your Body Boundary Is Your Responsibility



Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning


But all the other girls there are Christians and they can spend the night! I don’t see the big deal. Why can’t I?


Pretty solid argument I thought… but it didn’t fly.


I distinctly remember him looking at me in the eye and kindly yet firmly saying,


Melodee, I’m not the father of those other kids. I’m your father. One day I will stand before God for how I was a father to you and your sister. I don’t take that lightly, but seriously. You may not understand that now, and that’s okay, but the answer is no. You can’t spend the night at their house.


I didn’t think it was fair at the time.


Nor did I understand why my parents asked a gazillion questions before they allowed me to hang out with someone.


Questions like:


What kind of movies do they watch?

What kind of music do they listen to?

What kind of clothes do they wear?

What kind of language do they use?

What do they believe?

What are their values?

Will boys be there? If so, how many? What ages?

Will their father be there?

Will their mother be there?

Are their parents together?

How long have you known them?

How do you know them?


The list went on a mile long.


I didn’t think much of it, but considering the fact that 1 out of 6 girls are raped by someone they knew in their childhood… I am forever grateful for the great care they took in being intentional with their parenting.


Beyond the reality and possibility of a tragedy like rape, my parents knew that my surroundings impacted my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions.


Boundaries aren’t popular. They aren’t sexy or cute. But, they are important.


Maybe you need to distance yourself from women who criticize their bodies, because it makes you feel bad about your body.


Perhaps it’s time to step away from catty finger pointing about a celebrity (or anybody) while flipping through that magazine or scrolling through Instagram.


Instead of allowing yourself to stay angry by the latest controversy politically or scared by what’s going on criminally in society consider unfollowing, unsubscribing, and unliking from all negativity.


Rather than stuffing your emotions away by devouring chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, ask yourself a question (from Susan Hyatt) “What would a woman that takes exceptional care of herself do?


Energy impacts your body.


It’s time to take responsibility for the energy that you allow in your body.


With love,




Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning