Why You Should Celebrate Despite Heartbreak

and TMI on memory lane, just because.



Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning

by Melodee Forbes in Celebration, Encouragement, Family, Kindness, Love

Make sure your room is tidy and ready by 3:00 pm” she said, but she wouldn’t tell me what she had planned.

Bed made.
Floor vacuumed.
Shoes lined up.
Clothes hung up.
Papers thrown away.


Yes! My room is clean!” I proclaim.


All of sudden the doorbell rings…
Oh my gosh! Amanda?! What are you doing here?

A few minutes later the bell rings again.

Catherine?? Get outta here! I can’t believe you’re here!

Friend after friend shows up (three of whom lived 4+ hours away).


Then came an even bigger surprise a night out on the town in a stretch limo and a slumber party at the Four Seasons hotel.


It was one of the most memorable birthdays I’ve ever had and it was because of two things-

  1. I wasn’t expecting it. My actual 16th birthday was spent on a missions trip in Mexico. This wasn’t a cheap trip, and I hadn’t been the best fundraiser (a.k.a. my parents contributed quite a bit). I understood this and took this as my birthday gift/present/celebration and expected nothing from my parents.
  2. The intricate detail that she took in planning it and how she made it important to not only honor me, but to celebrate my friends. She had mini-birthday cakes made for each of them with their names on them (since all of them had birthdays in summer).


This Thursday will make 3 decades of life on this planet. My heart breaks because the one person (Mom) who carried and pushed my heart into this world isn’t here.


But despite heartbreak, I choose to celebrate.


I choose to make it a big deal that despite all the shenanigans in this life, I’ve made it to 30.


Yes, I’ve cried.
But I didn’t die.


As tempting as it is to focus on the things I haven’t accomplished yet, I refuse and choose to only focus on the the trials I’ve survived, the things I’ve accomplished (at least for this week anyway).

You may be thinking, “Ok, Melodee. It’s your birthday this week. Cool, I’m happy for you, but what does that have to do with me?


You don’t have to wait for your birthday to celebrate.
Despite your heartbreak, the rejection, the let down, the mistake…


You don’t need a birthday or a mother.
The fact that you’re still breathing is reason enough.


With love & grace,


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Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning