Leaders Are Receivers As Much As They Are Givers



Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning


Uhh Mom, what are we doing here?” I quietly whispered.


We had had dinner before we came and my tummy was full.


Yet, here we were surrounded by luxury in every capacity.


Glossy brass, glittery chandeliers, fine china and servers with funny little black bow ties.


After glancing at the menu (and though I didn’t see the price), instinctively I knew it probably wasn’t “in the budget”.


Mom had told us that we would eat before (and we did) and when we were at the restaurant we’d order a cappuccino and dessert.


But I was still curious as to *why* we were here in the first place.


Mom, what are we doing here? We already ate anyway. It’s not like we can aff–” (yes, I was that kid..questioning was my part-time job. Ha!).


Without hesitation, my mother’s interruption is something that still comes to mind from time to time,

Melodee, I want you and your sister to know that you are worthy of the absolute best. I don’t want you to settle. You can always get what you want. We are here, because I want to expose you to better.


And for the record, it was quite the dining experience and I felt like a princess.


My Mother taught me a lesson that day and it’s one of the core anthems of my life, “you are too valuable to settle” and this goes for everything from relationships, friendships, career, health, etc.


And truthfully, leaders aren’t just great givers, they are great receivers.


Listen! If I were a betting woman (I’m not) I’d bet that you love to help, serve, give and you get great joy from doing so–even if it’s at the expense of yourself.


Uh oh. Yea me too. We’ve all been guilty of giving more and receiving less and it’s high time we change that…


You deserve to be the priority.


I’ll be sharing more about this principle as we kick-off the Love Your Body Without Apology online event (starts tomorrow). You can register for free by clicking here now.


With love & grace,

Melodee Forbes





Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning