How To Organize Your iPhone For Maximum Productivity



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Happy November!

Woohoo!! It’s officially the holiday season and I’m so excited, because I love this time of the year. With daylight savings time, and along with entering the holiday season it’s like the whole world seems more cheerful and grateful.

Here at Confident Not Perfect, we are here to help you add peace to your home living space. Sometimes this isn’t confined to your physical space, but it’s applicable to your digital space as well.

With that said, today’s simple tip has to do with decluttering your iPhone for maximum productivity. It’s easier to explain via video, please watch by clicking the link below:



After you watch the short video, I’d love to know what are the 4 apps that are at the bottom of your iPhone home screen?

Thank you for being apart of the Confident Not Perfect community, it’s always a joy to speak with you and I look forward to chatting in the comments below.


with joy,

Melodee Forbes

  • Susanne Kimzey Daniels

    i can’t tell you how many times i’ve gone on my phone for ONE specific thing, forgotten what that one thing was, and done a million other pointless things! great post, thank you for sharing!

  • Yes! I hear ya, Susanne! That’s how I’ve felt with Facebook at times, it’s like 30 minutes goes to an hour. Thank goodness for timers, lol! I’m a firm believer that clearing the clutter creates more order, which gives you freedom. Glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for sharing here in the comments!

  • Cartier Finniss

    Never even considered having a clear homepage and just searching for the required app when necessary; what a clever idea!
    The bottom four apps on my iPhone are Whatsapp, Messages, Phone and Facetime.

  • Keziah

    I really enjoyed this post my screen is so disorganised. I have phone, email,whatsapp and my browser below.

  • Hi Keziah,

    Grab you a glass of your favorite drink, turn on your favorite show and move those apps around. Trust me, it’s pretty easy to get it all organized and once you get into the habit, you’ll wonder how you functioned before… at least that’s how I felt once I did mine! 😉 I use all of the apps you mentioned, except for the whatsapp, which I’ve only downloaded. Thank you for leaving a comment and I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

  • Laura Warren

    Such great ideas and I was in need of a declutter on my homepage for sure! Thank you for great ideas! The bottom four apps are Phone, Whatsapp, Email, Skype

  • Thank you for your sharing that Cartier and I’m glad you enjoyed this digital organization hack! And I hadn’t ever considered it either until my girl, Marie Kondo recommended a slightly different version of this tip. I implemented it a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back!

  • Thank you Laura! I’m glad you found this blog useful and I hope you take a 20 minutes (or less) to organize your phone, it’ll impact you positively for sure!

  • Wow!!! Email + Whatsapp is a big hit on the bottom 4! Communication, communication, communication!! Love it!

  • Ashley Diana

    Wow Melodee. Thanks for this! So much value! I had never thought about keeping the home screen clutter-free. What I actually love most about this is that when I go to my phone I won’t get distracted by other apps. This happens to me often…I pull out my phone for one reason, but I’ll immediately get distracted by a social media app and then forget why I opened my phone in the first place. THANKS AGAIN for this! Amazing tips.

    Oh and the 4 apps on the bottom of my phone are: Phone, Mail, Music, Safari. That may change though now lol.


  • Thank you Ashley, I’m glad you found it so valuable!! Always appreciate your kind words and support.

    Yes, it’s so easy to get distracted and organizing your digital home in a way that increases your productivity and respects your energy really helps.

    Another tip (that I forgot to mention in the blog), I turn off the notifications on all apps—except for my phone and text messages, because I don’t like seeing all those red pop-up alerts on the different apps. Also, having my iPhone set automatically to do not disturb every evening at a certain time helps as well.



Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning