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And Why Beauty Doesn't Necessarily Mean Gaudy



Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning


This past week, I went on an out-of-town work trip to Dallas, Texas.

One of our vendors hosted a workshop and put us up in a beautiful hotel and it was magical (mostly because the bed felt like heaven– seriously, they may have the Westin beat!). So immediately upon entering my room the first thing I noticed (like any decorator or designer) was the decor and visual elements of the space. It was very well done.

Fortunately, I’ve had mostly lovely experiences in hotels, and I’m the type to personally splurge on a hotel — (even if I won’t be there all day), because I love beautiful spaces.

It got me thinking, why do we love (and I use this term cautiously, because “Hotel Hell!” anyone? It’s really unbelievable what Gordon Ramsey finds in those..) hotels?

For me, it comes down to a few components that you can easily incorporate in your home living space.

But first, have you ever been in a room where someone comes in loud and boisterous on purpose? It’s almost like they are trying so hard to get approval and attention that they wind up being ignored or dismissed.

Then, there’s that individual who doesn’t say much, but when they do… everyone turns their head and listens intently. And they end up owning the room with their bold (and not necessarily loud) confidence.

It’s the same way with your home. It can scream look at me, I tried! Or it can stand in here I am.

Here are 3 ways to add more beauty to your space without it being gaudy:


There’s a popular quote, “less is more” and this is true for makeup, clothing, food, and home living.

Too much stuff makes it look like you’re trying too hard, impacts your energy negatively, and distracts from the intricate, beautiful elements of your space.

For example, in most hotel rooms, there are very minimal objects like the bed, dresser, chair, table/desk, nightstand, coffee maker and mini-fridge.

(Psst…the coffee maker and fridge would not normally be in your bedroom. Duh. 😉

Note: There aren’t any knick knacks, piles of paper, stacks of clothes, lots of boxes/containers, or other stuff just sitting around in that room. In fact, if there were you’d probably contact the manager immediately and ask for a new room. 

It’s time to have the same respect for your own home living space.

Think of your bedroom right now, and write down the most essential pieces (i.e. bed, nightstand, chair, desk, & dresser). Out of those essentials, what can be removed? Next, write down everything else that isn’t an essential and categorize it: (a) throw away, (b) give away, or (c) put away. 

Repeat after me:

Clutter never makes me feel better. Life is better without the extra.


Before we go there, let me clear the air. . . I adore color.  Bright yellows, hot pinks, peachy corals, or fiery reds. Color does have a place, but a common mistake is using gobs of color instead of pops of color.

The eye needs unused or negative space that isn’t overwhelmed with color. Mixing white makes almost any color combination right.

Look for where can you add more white in your space.


It’s kind of like how you can wear a very simple or basic dress/outfit, but if your shoes and accessories are on-point it makes a powerful (yet graceful) statement without you having to dramatize the entire outfit/dress.

Little minimal details like changing the light switch cover, spray painting the night stands to match, upgrading or changing your window treatments, painting an accent wall… can make a subtle and impactful difference.

Now answer this question for me, how do you have your morning tea? 

  • Throw it quickly in a plastic cup while racing out the door to drop off the grandkids.
  • Morning tea? Umm…I don’t have time for all that. I skip it all together.

Well look at this cup vs. this crystal.


Each has a different vibration which gives impacts your emotions in one way vs. another. Neither is better or worse than the other, however, one feels more intentional, and meaningful, while the other feels rushed and cheap.

Intentional home living is about creating a space for the simple, so you can focus on the meaningful.

I work with women who are in Houston, Texas that have owned their dream home for less than 1 year and are recently retired after having a successful, established career for at least 20 years.

My clients are smart and respect the impact of their environment, because they know it impacts their inner creativity, physical energy, and financial prosperity.

I’m here to help you create peace in your home living space. When you’re ready, go here and we can setup an in-home consultation to see what custom treatment works best for your needs.


to peace in your home living space,

Melodee Forbes
Interior Decorator | Professional Organizer | Principal Blogger


Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning