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Thank you guys so much for the hearts and I appreciate it so much. Dr. John, thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you.
So we’re talking about Jesus turned water into wine and why it’s important to have fun. So, the premise of this scope is, don’t take your spirituality so seriously, that you lose your identity and your personality. So this was kind of inspired by Melissa Ledger, she had a really fun scope tonight and it just inspired me in this direction. So we’re going to dive right in real quick.

So you guys know I like to talk about scripture, so John chapter 2, starting in verse one says, “Three days later there was a wedding in the village of Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, Jesus and his disciples were guests also. When they started running low on wine at the wedding banquet, Jesus’ mother told him, ‘They’re just about out of wine.’ Jesus said, ‘Is that any of our business mother? Yours or mine? This isn’t my time. Don’t push me.’ She went ahead anyway, telling the servants, ‘Whatever he tells you to do, do it.’ Six stone water pots were there used by the Jews for ritual washings, each held 20 to 30 gallons. Jesus ordered the servant, ‘Fill the pots with water.’ and they filled them to the brim. ‘Now fill your pitchers and take them to the host,’ Jesus said, and they did. When the host tasted the water that had become wine, he didn’t know what had just happened, but the servants of course knew. He called out to the bride groom, ‘Everybody I know begins with their finest wine, and after the guest have had their fill, then they bring out the cheap stuff. But you’ve saved the best until now.”

And so basically, that was Jesus’ first miracle, and I just want to point out a couple of things I know will be beneficial to you. The first thing is God isn’t limited to a building. So many times as people of faith, people who are religious or into spirituality, they can be focused on rituals, traditions, and buildings and as in this example with Jesus, he did a miracle not in a temple, not in a synagogue, not in a church, but at a wedding party. So God is not limited to a building or an institution, that’s number one.

Number two, people listen and pay attention when they’re having fun. So, you get people’s attention and they start listening to you when they’re having a good time, or they’re enjoying themselves. Not when they’re uptight trying to be super polite because they don’t want to do something wrong in a church service.

And the third thing is we are called to go into all the world and share the good news. Not doom, not gloom, but good news. Good news. And so I want to encourage you today, sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in taking your spirituality so seriously. God does not want you to lose your personality and your identity. He wants you to be happy and to enjoy your life. Being holy doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. And so I want to encourage you today to have more fun in your walk with God, and your relationship with the Lord in your spiritual practice.

**Disclaimer, that doesn’t mean go crazy. I’m not saying get wasted or do something really dumb, you know what I mean? Common sense 101, but God doesn’t have a problem with you having fun. He doesn’t have a problem with you enjoying life and having a ball. I mean we only get one life, so he wants us to enjoy it, and to share his goodness and his love to others.

So I hope this was valuable to you. Thank you so much for the stream of hearts. I hope you have a beautiful Friday night, you guys know I like to keep it short because I really value your time. If you enjoyed this broadcast, I want to encourage you to go and get your free ebook that will give you 8 simple, short quick tips, lessons that will strengthen your spirit and your soul.

Thank you so much for watching, I appreciate all of your hearts and everything and I hope you have a beautiful night, and I will see you tomorrow.



And if you like girly stuff, if you’re kind of a girly girl like me, check out Melissa Ledger’s scope from tonight. It was hilarious, I mean ha-freaking-larious. Make-up, hair, laughter, it was great. But anyway I hope you have a good night, I will see you tomorrow, and bye!

And I just realized, it’s really hard for me to focus on the camera I on this Ipad, so I’m looking over here, but really I should be looking over here, so I’m going to get better about that. Okay, bye guys.




Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning