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Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning


Woohoo! This is the last day of tax-free weekend here in Texas. Moms and dads all over the state are wrapping up back to school shopping.

And there’s such a difference between back to school shopping for the first time when a child has next to nothing to wear for school vs. the 10th time and they already have quite the wardrobe, but require an upgrade.

Similarly, some clients come to me with naked walls and windows and we start from scratch, while others come with them already dressed wanting an upgrade.

This particular client already had stationery drapery panels with a top treatment, and she wanted traverse drapery panels with a new top treatment.

Stationery drapery panels: are primarily for decorative purposes and hang in the same place.

Traverse drapery panels: are decorative and are primarily for light control, and privacy purposes.

Let’s take a look at this before and after makeover…



During the 6-8 weeks that it took to handcraft and tailor make her custom draperies, this client decided to get new windows which enhanced the look and in this video you’ll see that she’s able to open and close them like she wanted.

Client installation days are my favorite, because we get to view the transformation. And to hear my client say, “Thank you so much… we love it and are very happy.” is icing on the cake.

I work with women who are in Houston, Texas that have owned their dream home for less than 1 year and are recently retired after having a successful, established career for at least 20 years.

My clients are smart and respect the impact of their environment, because they know it impacts their inner creativity, physical energy, and financial prosperity.

I’m here to help you create peace in your home living space. When you’re ready, go here and we can setup an in-home consultation to see what custom treatment works best for your needs.

to peace in your home living space,

Melodee Forbes

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Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning