There was a girl who felt horror when she looked in the mirror.

She saw no beauty in her body.

One day, she decided to accept who God made her to be and that day,

She became free. 

It wasn’t overnight, nor was it easy.

More like hard and rough.

Often asking, if she’d ever be enough?

It took time, but the change began in her mind.

And with these new beliefs came much relief.



We Believe

  1. You heal when you become real.

  2. You must be kind to your mind for any change.

  3. You are a human being not a machine.

  4. You get nothing from rushing, worrying, or gossiping.

  5. You were made for nourishment not punishment.

  6. You can be the greatest without being famous.

  7. You love others best after you’ve had rest.

  8. You can be grateful and not settle.


MEET Founder

Welcome! So honored that you’re here. I am Melodee Forbes, founder and senior writer of Confident Not Perfect.

I write about confidence and beauty as it pertains to the female body. I encourage and teach through mediums like online events, master classes, getaway retreats, interviews and ebooks.

My goal is that you grasp this simple truth: you deserve better.


We might be kindred spirits if you…

  • get a little too excited by the thought of guacamole from Chipotle.

  • prefer reading books over going to bars.

  • gladly pay more for organic, but aren’t a fan of kale.

  • obsessed with the color pink, pens, & pretty notebooks.

  • wish deep-tissue massages counted as exercise.

  • like looking cute, but hate shopping for cute.

  • love Jesus, but can’t stand the hypocrisy of the church.

  • know that chivalry isn’t dead.

  • often quote Anne Shirley in your head.

  • try to keep it classy, even if you’re angry.

  • have been on at least one mission trip.

  • aren’t motivated by money.

  • appreciate the luxury of simplicity.

  • are an overachiever, high performer, hard worker, or problem solver.

  • enjoy serving others.



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