You aren’t vain.





Or even ungrateful.

You’re just a hard working housewife with a home to match.


Whether you’re hosting a fancy appreciation dinner for the hubby, packing gluten-free sandwiches for the boys, or serving appetizers to your book club members, one thing’s for sure:

The secret to having it together like Martha without being her?

An in-home custom windows decorator.



  1. Simplicity over gaudy, pops (of color) over gobs.

  2. Environment impacts mindset and color impacts behavior.

  3. Life is better without clutter.

  4. Adding white space is always right.

  5. Your favorite color can create order.

  6. Investing and saving for quality is better than buying cheaply.

  7.  Custom tailored and hand made materials over pre-packaged and ready made.

  8. Human beings aren’t machines.

  9. Nourishment is the opposite of punishment.

  10. Love happens best after rest.

  11. Grateful doesn’t mean settle.


Welcome! It’s an honor to have you here.

I’m Melodee Forbes, a pink obsessing, white space loving, deep tissue massage enjoying interior decorator and professional organizer that’s based out of Houston, Texas.

And I’m here to help you create peace in your home living space.

This blog is the place where I share tips, thoughts, ideas, and wisdom about how to create and enjoy more with less, before & after home decor projects, and conversations that’ll challenge you to be confident not perfect.

I work with women who are in Houston, Texas that have owned their dream home for less than 1 year and are recently retired after having a successful, established career for at least 20 years.

My clients are smart and respect the impact of their environment, because they know it affects their inner creativity, physical energy, and financial prosperity.

When you’re ready to invest in your home living space, complete this short questionnaire by clicking here.

My goal is that you grasp this simple truth: your home doesn’t have to be perfect for you to live confident.

You deserve to create peace in your home living space.


We might be kindred spirits if you…

  • get a little too excited by the thought of guacamole from Chipotle.

  • prefer reading books over going to bars.

  • gladly pay more for organic, but aren’t a fan of kale.

  • obsessed with the color pink, pens, & pretty notebooks.

  • wish deep-tissue massages counted as exercise.

  • like looking cute, but hate shopping for cute.

  • love Jesus, but can’t stand the hypocrisy of the church.

  • know that chivalry isn’t dead.

  • often quote Anne Shirley in your head.

  • try to keep it classy, even if you’re angry.

  • have been on at least one mission trip.

  • aren’t motivated by money.

  • appreciate the luxury of simplicity.

  • are an overachiever, high performer, hard worker, or problem solver.

  • enjoy serving others.



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