13 Random Thoughts—In No Particular Order—After Returning From a 7 Day Holiday Vacay



Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning


1) Something that you think is boring, may end up fascinating.

Not sure why, but I always thought art (you know the kind that hangs on your wall?) was kind of boring. That was until I went to my first art auction and I’m now obsessed. Currently in love with a piece by Peter Max.

2) For a girl that doesn’t like to wet her hair…

there’s something about the ocean that makes me come alive. Sunshine, sand, and salt water does my body good.

3) Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

Like spice adds flavor to a meal, so does experiencing another part of the world from someone else’s eyes. Hearing a plethora of different accents, asking questions, and listening to so many stories… makes you realize there’s so much more than your hometown, your country, and your perspective.

4) Be grateful and don’t settle.

I am lucky that there wasn’t a moment of dread when thinking about coming back to work. I get to work for an amazing company, sell beautiful solutions for creative problems and am paid well to do so.

And still there’s something about seeing someone in a 3rd world country bust their ass by working with a spirit of excellence and joy that makes even the luckiest-dream-job-having-American want to step it up not due to feeling guilty, but grateful for THE OPPORTUNITY, access and availability here in her 1st world country.

5) THIS BLACK GIRL CAN DANCE (And yes, that was all caps worthy!).

I’ve always said, “this black girl can’t dance! I didn’t get that gene.” Calculated, regimented dance like ballet? Okay sure. But dance that requires actual rhythm and harmony? Nada.

But I was wrong, I learned how to do the cha cha. Turns out dancing is a skill that even the most hand-eye coordinated challenged person can learn.

6) Selling is living.

I was sold from the port, to the boat, by the market, after the spa, while at the beach….and it felt good.

And the truth is, we’re all in the business of selling. Whether you’re asking someone out on a date, getting your kid to clean their room, showing up for an interview, making the case for a promotion, turning on the open for business light at your store, incentivizing your students on turning their homework in on time, or convincing your elderly grandparent to take their medicine.

It’s all selling and there should be no shaming associated with it. Foreigners get this—and they do it elegantly, unapologetically, and consistently.

7) Purpose isn’t the same as profession.

There’s something about reminding a woman that she was never broken, only human & her new chapter starts now…that just lights me up.

And while my skill and profession is creating peace in home living spaces by organizing closets and dressing windows, my purpose isn’t limited to only that.

It’s to encourage—to bring out the best in other humans and like organizing, I do it naturally, and effortlessly.

8) Even on vacation you can shop with intention.

Can I toot my own horn for a sec? I didn’t fall for the “muy Bonita señorita! This would look good on you! Try and buy. I’ll give you a special deal.” I bought with intention.

No t-shirts, magnets, fanny packs, keychains or other touristy knick knacks that are usually long forgotten and stuffed somewhere back in a closet long after the trip, never to be worn or used again.

I asked myself, “will I still want this in a month?” and ended up purchasing TWO ITEMS. Yes, that’s right only two. Woohoo!

9) It’s only expensive when your mindset is defensive.


Let’s be real, if you don’t want it, it’s not a big deal and you’ll move it right along.

No long, and drawn out, “well, damn that’s expensive..” or “that’s just too much, I can’t believe they charge $$$ for ____!!!”

My come to Jesus moment? I love luxury. Not name brand luxury necessarily, but I love being treated and pampered like a VIP. It’s fun not to wait in line, to be served multiple courses, taught lessons professionally, escorted & guided privately…and to tip generously.

You can value and prioritize whatever you want, and what someone defines as expensive doesn’t have to apply to you.

*Note to self: eliminate the word expensive from your vocabulary.

10) Faster isn’t always better.

My never-met-a-stranger, chatty-cathy-talker, hugger-over-hand-shaker, particular-with-her-coffee-drinker, Bruno-Mars-music-lover, grace-before-food-and-bed-sayer, up-for-almost-anything-partier-Grandmother taught me so much by her simplicity.

I’m used to rush, rush, rush and go, go, go. But being around her was refreshing, the time she took for connection with each person we came into contact with was inspiring.

Millennials can learn a lot from octogintennials.

11) Worry is never necessary.

Not about this country.
Not about my family.
Not about society.
Not about anybody—including myself.

It serves no one, changes nothing and usually doesn’t ever turn out as bad as worry would have you to think.

12) It still isn’t the same without her.

Even thousands of miles in another country on a holiday. I miss her. Christmas in heaven is magical, I’m sure.

13) No “New Year, New You” Goals.

For the record, I don’t have any outlandish 10-page New Year Resolution’s list.

My word for 2017 was concrete. Concrete for me meant—to have clear direction and create a solid foundation. It meant having certain things in order and alignment pertaining to my work and career.

This year? My word is consistent. Consistency isn’t fancy or sexy, but it’s the next necessary for where I’m going. Keep a watch on my Confident Not Perfect page and here on the blog for upcoming goodness.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

With love & joy,


P.S. If you made it through to the end, first, thank you, I never take it lightly that you’ve taken time to read words I’ve written and second, which random thought stands out to you?



Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Organize Your Closet To Save You 10 Minutes Each Morning