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When You Feel Good, You Live Good

How would you show up differently if you just assumed people were thinking only good things about you?

(Note: most important person being yourself, of course)

Such a powerful question I read and posted on my personal Facebook page from the lovely Julia Kristina and I couldn’t help but ponder on it and let it marinate all day.

Then a day or so later, I saw someone post about what made them feel good and how many of us don’t even know ourselves and what makes us feel good.

So I did what any millennial would do and pulled out my journal and started listing my not-so-fancy-but-feels-so-cozy list…

I Feel Good When I ___________

  • eat avocado
  • watch a ballet
  • get a deep tissue massage
  • giggle with Gram
  • stretch my limbs
  • walk at the park
  • see the color pink
  • sit in a bubble bath
  • smell the aura of bright, yellow sunflowers
  • get my hair blown out
  • get my eyebrows waxed
  • organize beautiful spaces
  • listen to deep stories
  • travel somewhere new and foreign
  • feel the sand in between my toes
  • twirl like a little girl in the crystal blue ocean
  • sleep on freshly cleaned sheets
  • drink lots of cool, clean water
  • hug my Dad
  • help another human
  • encourage another woman
  • don’t talk about politics or the news
  • focus on learning one course or thing at a time
  • shake my ass to fun music
  • write without filter
  • close sales over $5K
  • plan my day
  • start my morning without phone calls or noise
  • light candles for no reason
  • celebrate others especially those I love
  • write with colorful pens on pretty paper
  • give and receive surprises
  • taste new cuisines during 5 course dinners
  • lick a DQ vanilla ice cream cone
  • visit a client with a Spanish style rooftop
  • walk on the white marble floor & hear the piano playing in the background at Nordstrom
  • hear the clerk say, “my pleasure” as she comes from around the counter and hands me my bag
  • cut up with my sister
  • find out something more loving about God
  • I’m kind and speak my mind

Do you know what makes you feel good?

Part of organizing your life starts with knowing yourself. Most everything I listed wasn’t extravagant, yet it takes deliberate commitment and intentional discipline.

Integrity to yourself above anyone else.

To enjoy yourself, to like yourself, and completely accept yourself as you’re growing and becoming.

So let me ask you again, (and I hope you take sometime to really answer) what makes you feel good?

It’s my honor to connect with you, and it gives me great joy to read and respond to your comments. Leave a comment below with what makes you feel good.

with love & hugs,